The Desire To Impact A Life

Wabs Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) Pending Foundation based in the Washington, DC Metro Area. The foundation was set up in order to serve as a bridge between our less-privileged communities and others who are willing, able to donate and offer their support. Our president, upon realization of how much of a difference he, together with his team, volunteers, and donors could make starting putting pieces together to start this foundation closer to the tail end of 2018.

Our Mission

To partner with individuals, organizations, donors to help improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

Our Vision

To promote healthy living, and provide access to living needs, better healthcare and educational resources.


We treat each individual, those we serve and those with whom we serve with, with the utmost respect and dignity.


There is strength in numbers, that is why we strive to build and maintain a well-functioning group. Special attention is paid to cultural diversity of everyone, open communication and mutual respect.

Dedication To Others

We understand that the work we do and hope to do in future is solely based on the need of others, not ours.


We work earnestly to anticipate and meet the needs of our communities by keeping an active and open communication between the communities we support (or hope to support), team members, donors, and our volunteers.

Continuous Improvement

Our goal is to ensure that there is an ongoing effort to try to improve upon our systems and structures in place in order to deliver the best possible service to our communities.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards, and keep each other accountable for our actions, or inactions, therefore.

Have any questions?

Drop a message and we’ll get back to you  within 24-48hrs.