“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.


Education is essential in nurturing the human mind and unfortunately, many children do not have access to quality education, and lack the fundamental supplies they need while in school.

Most kids across Africa, Ghana for example, walk miles to get to school, sit on floors to study (or under a tree or a shed), and don’t have note books or study materials. We want to change that, and we believe that with your help we can.

In order to provide a strong support for these kids to promote their success we will develop scholarships programs, and provide free school supplies. Our focus is primarily on pre-school to high school education because our hope is that every single child in all the communities we serve has access to what we believe to be the right of all children.

Mentorship Program

Our desire is to connect proteges with potential mentors for professional, academic, and personal development. Feel like you could be a mentor? Get in touch with us to explore this awesome opportunity.

Need a mentor? Reach out to us to see if we can connect you with someone who is willing and more than capable of guiding you every step of the way to reach your goals.

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